Welcome to the Rainbow Challenge!

rainbow vegetables

The do-it-yourself fans out there can appreciate a guided program but want to go at their own pace. This level is perfect for those who want to follow along closely – but want the flexibility to forge their own path.

If you’re anticipating a busy season, this might be the best way to dip your toes in without adding more to your plate (get it – plate 😉

As a DIY Rainbow Challenge Enthusiast, you get:

  • Downloadable Rainbow Challenge eBook (available starting October 1st!)
  • Downloadable Better Nutrition Rainbow Evaluation
  • Weekly email updates with coaching tips, reminders, inspiration, recipes and resources
  • BONUS: A guided webinar recording hosted by me, jam packed with tools, tips, and evidence-based data on how eating the rainbow sets us up for optimal health (available starting October 1st!)
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