Recommended Programs, Resources & Technology

Over the years, I’ve built a list of favorite products and resources that I’ve seen work and can stand behind. I’ve curated these high-quality supplements and functional foods, the latest technology, and evidence-informed programs, all aimed at optimizing your well-being.


Nutraceutical Protocols & Favorite Products

The following are my go-to nutraceutical protocols and picks. Please note: this is for educational purposes only; supplements should be used along with a comprehensive Functional Medicine approach and a foundation of personalized nutrition and lifestyle. Supplements should also be used with caution and under the guidance of a qualified professional.

Prolon Fasting Mimicking Program

If you’re interested in the Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD) using the L-Nutra Prolon 5-day kit. This is a 5-day protocol that mimics the effects of fasting using specific ratio or macro- and micronutrients proven to promote autophagy, improve insulin sensitivity and blood sugar control, enhance mental focus, energy and body composition.

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Interactive Programs & Coaching

woman with continuous glucose monitor on phone

The BNP Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) Program™

Continuous glucose Monitors (CGM) can be a powerful way to understand how your body is responding to carbohydrates and a useful tool for personalizing your diet. This 30-day coach-guided program with trusted partner BNP can help you on your journey toward your version of better health by exploring your blood sugar in detail: what different levels mean, what different choices can feel like, and how day-to-day decisions impact your goals.

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Better Nutrition Basics™

For those just starting out on their path to better health, Better Nutrition Basics™ program by trusted partner BNP is the perfect way to help you discover what your body needs.

Slow and sustainable steps help guide your choices to build a better foundation while balancing busy lives and diverse lifestyles. Go beyond the science of better nutrition when you work with your personal coach to get the support you need to implement your better choices, more often.

Remember to use Code FoodieFarmacist to get your discount.

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woman touching her thyroid

The Thyroid Tune Up™

Dr Zakaria partnered with the Better Nutrition Program to develop the The Thyroid Tune Up™ – a 30-day coach-led program designed to help you maximize your thyroid and metabolic health.

This exclusive coach-led program helps you identify and make the choices that nurture your thyroid. While it is not a cure for thyroid disease, this evidence-based protocol delivers results including better energy, metabolism, skin, hair, digestion, weight and mood. With the help of your personal wellness coach, discover how your body responds to a protocol that’s helped thousands improve their thyroid health.

Remember to use Code FoodieFarmacist to get your discount.

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