Sunday: Welcome to Week 4!

rainbow vegetables

For the final week of the Rainbow Challenge Course, there are a couple paths to choose from:

  • Go back to a previous module you didn't get time to finish or fully work through OR
  • Play Eat the Rainbow Bingo and see how many bingo spaces you can cross off

We want to acknowledge that everyone works at their own pace, and say again (because it’s super important!) that it takes time and energy to commit to changing your diet. So if you’ve been following along but feel like you could use some more time working through a previous module, that’s a great choice!

And if you’re someone who has flown through the last 3 weeks, then Bingo (which draws heavily from previous modules’ goals but adds some new goals), may be a fun way to keep the momentum going!


1. Read through your Sunday Resources.

This week your resources will include:

  • An Eat the Rainbow Bingo game.
  • Some additional goals/prompts to help guide your last week's explorations!

2. Plan Ahead.

Do your shopping and prep for the week to set yourself up for success.

Sunday (Week 4) Resources

Eat the Rainbow Bingo or Return to a Previous Week

For this last week of the Challenge, we’re challenging you to a little game! And that game is Eat the Rainbow Bingo. Download and print the PDF version attached and see how many squares you can cross off!

If bingo isn’t your thing, we also encourage you to spend this week revisiting previous modules or experimenting with some new goals like:

  • Batch cook some veggies for meals throughout the week
  • Experiment with a recipe using a vegetable you've never tried
  • Go to a farmer's market and buy some local produce
  • Add some herbs & spices to your breakfast/lunch/or dinner plates
  • Experiment with a savory breakfast
  • Add a bitter herb or green to your smoothie
  • Spend 30 minutes outside