Wednesday: Welcome to Wednesday Why

Every Wednesday we’ll walk you through the “whys” of each weekly challenge. When you know the reason behind what you’re doing, you’re more likely to stick to the habit.

This week’s focus on smoothies is meant to be a strategy to help you increase your fruit and veggie intake in a quick, convenient, and portable way. When done right, smoothies can be an incredible way to improve:

  • Blood Sugar Control: We probably sound like a broken record at this point but blood sugar balance is really at the core of staving off chronic disease. Smoothies can play a crucial role in keeping our blood sugar (notably when you make smoothies using the balanced-smoothie formula) from spiking and dropping, which is what ultimately leads to higher levels of inflammation.
  • Hydration: Because fruits and vegetables are largely composed of water and contain many of the minerals needed to hydrate us on a cellular level, smoothies are a great way to stay hydrated.
  • Getting in those greens: For the vegetable-averse kiddos (and adults), smoothies are an easy way to get in servings of leafy greens without compromising taste.
  • Enhanced Nutrient Absorption: We spoke a bit about this already, but it bears repeating as it's estimated that upwards of 40% of Americans experience digestive issues. Consuming fruits and veggies after being pureed as a smoothie makes it easier for the body to break down food and therefore access and absorb the food's nutrients.

Research Highlight

Let’s take a moment to talk about one of my favorite smoothie add-ins – blueberries! They reduce inflammation, curb sugar cravings, and are loaded with fiber and antioxidants, keeping your cells happy and healthy! They are a no brainer when it comes to cognitive and metabolic health.

Speaking of brains, a 2017 study showed a strong correlation between regular dietary intake of blueberries and lower levels of cognitive decline in older adults Research also supports that regular blueberry intake is associated with maintaining healthy bones, promoting cardiovascular and skin health, lowering blood pressure, managing diabetes, and even preventing tumor growth. Blueberries are the definition of small but mighty!