Level 3: The Rainbow Admirer

Welcome to the Rainbow Challenge!

rainbow vegetables

Whether you join us Live, go the DIY route, or just want to share your progress online – you can follow along on Instagram & TikTok.

I’ll post weekly goals and updates, and you can share your own creations by tagging @foodiefarmacist or use the hashtag #foodiefarmacistrainbow.

Don’t forget to download:

  • The Better Nutrition Rainbow Evaluation (to take before and after the challenge)
  • The Rainbow Challenge Cheat Sheet (available October 1st!)

Level 2: The Rainbow Enthusiast

Welcome to the Rainbow Challenge!

rainbow vegetables

The do-it-yourself fans out there can appreciate a guided program but want to go at their own pace. This level is perfect for those who want to follow along closely – but want the flexibility to forge their own path.

If you’re anticipating a busy season, this might be the best way to dip your toes in without adding more to your plate (get it – plate 😉

As a DIY Rainbow Challenge Enthusiast, you get:

  • Downloadable Rainbow Challenge eBook (available starting October 1st!)
  • Downloadable Better Nutrition Rainbow Evaluation
  • Weekly email updates with coaching tips, reminders, inspiration, recipes and resources
  • BONUS: A guided webinar recording hosted by me, jam packed with tools, tips, and evidence-based data on how eating the rainbow sets us up for optimal health (available starting October 1st!)

Level 1: The Live Rainbow Challenge

Welcome to the  Live Rainbow Challenge!

rainbow vegetables

We’re glad you’re here.

And a BIG congratulations on committing to bettering your overall health through food and nutrition 🎉🎉🎉

Here’s what to expect:

Each week you’ll receive updates that will focus on:

  • The week’s nutrition focus
  • Practical resources (think recipes, tips, & coaching tools)
  • A bonus Lifestyle Challenge that complements our nutrition work

Here we go!

~Lara & Team Rainbow

Before you officially start the program, you have some important pre-work to complete:

1. Complete your Better Nutrition Rainbow Evaluation.

This will help establish a baseline of your fruit and veggie intake (& we’ll repeat this at the end to see how far we’ve gotten!)

2. Read through the Pre-work Resources.

  • Tips on Batch Cooking
  • Shopping Resources
  • Thrive Market Faves